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Mountain Baptist Church

Mountain Baptist Church, Clarke County, Va.

Along with Boyce and Rockland Churches, Mountain also shared the parsonage with Bethel during it's final days as an active meeting. They are located at 780 Frogtown Road, Bluemont, VA 20135; Phone: (540) 955-4569

Below is some information on this church provided courtesy of Rev. Dr. Charles D. Lumpkin:

Mountain was founded in 1857 the result of missionary efforts by the newly organized Potomac Baptist Association. There had been Baptist activity in the area from 1842, but funding problems prevented the hiring of a circuit riding preacher from establishing a permanent congregation until 1857. The original church building remains today, built on property given to the Baptists by Confederate hero and local land holder, Benjamin Morgan, and his wife Martha Ann Castleman Morgan. The membership grew from six charter members to a high, in 1892, of 135. Since that year the membership has varied from a low of twenty-eight members in 1943 to a little over 100 members today. Mountain Baptist Church was a part of church fields (two or more churches sharing a pastor) until 1986. It shared a church field with Bethel Baptist Church in 1880 when Rev. Luther R. Steele held the pastorates of Bethel, Mountain and Little River Baptist Churches. From 1907 until the official closing of Bethel, Mountain shared a church field with Bethel, Rockland and Boyce Baptist Churches.

Today Rev. O. P. Hatfield is the pastor of Mountain Baptist Church. Worship Services are at 9:45 every Sunday Mountain, with Sunday School at 11:00. The church is located at 780 Frogtown Road, Bluemont Virginia 20135, although to any Clarke County resident would better located it by saying it is on Frogtown Road between Ashby Gap to the South and Snicker Gap to the North.

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