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Other churches associated with Bethel's history

Information about different churches on this website

Buck Marsh Baptist Church

Salem Regular Baptist Church

Mountain Baptist Church

Little River Baptist Church
Located in Aldie, Va. this church was at one time part of the church field that included Bethel.

Churches and organizations with their own websites

Berryville Baptist Church
This is another church that Buck Marsh Baptist Church was parent to. At this time their website is under construction. Click here for a listing if the graves in the Berryville Baptist Church Cemetery.

Boyce Baptist Church
Organized by members of Bethel living in Millwood on August 28, 1888 in Millwood, Va. Later, on October 19, 1919 they relocated to Boyce, VA.

The German Reformed Church
Established in 1741. It is said they were originally located in Winchester, Virginia within what is now Mount Hebron Cemetery. No trace of the original church building is present but the graveyard is still intact. Catherine Sowers (wife of Daniel Sowers Sr.) is buried here along with other members of the family. This is the church that members of our Sowers family were part of prior to becoming Baptists. Over the years they have undergone several name changes and are now presently called "Centenary Reformed United Church of Christ". Today this church is located on the southeastern corner of Cork and Cameron Streets in Winchester, VA.

Upperville Baptist Church
Archived from www.archive.org. Original website seems to be no longer active.
Located in Fauquier County, Virginia, this church has among it's founding members, Daniel Sowers Kerfoot & Maria Carr.

Old School Primitive Baptists of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia
Has information on the Ketocton Associaton to which Bethel belonged in it's early days from 1808 - 1833. Bethel later joined the Salem-Union Association in 1834. (Webmaster's note: There appears to be two different Ketocton Associations. The one in this link is the Ketocton Primitive Baptist Association while Salem Baptist Church (mentioned above toward the top of the page) is a member of the Ketocton Association of Regular Baptists. This is likely a result of a split between the two. I believe Bethel had already left the Association prior to this.)

Shenandoah Baptist Association
Towards their final days as an active Baptist Church, Bethel was a member of this association.

The Episcopal Churches of Cunningham Chapel Parish
Bethel's Christmas Carols and Lessons service was held at Christ Church in Millwood, Va. in 2003 due to repair work being done at Bethel. They have also contributed to Bethel's annual August meeting for many years.

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