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Here is a collection of various pamphlets and newsclippings that pertain to The Bethel Memorial Incorporated and the families of Jacob Sowers, William Kerfoot & William Davis.

Inga Lucille Sowers & James Walter Kenney Clippings.

These items are provided courtesy of Perry & Aurelia (McKay) Mowbray with the exception of the "God's Acre" article.

Annual Services at Old Bethel Recall Its History
Article about Bethel Church from The Clarke Courier dated Thursday, August 22, 1963.

Honor Old Bethel Founders Sunday; Sen. Nye Will Speak
Article about Bethel Church from The Winchester Evening Star dated Wednesday, August 19, 1964. Written by Neil Kimball, Star Staff Writer

God's Acre Revisited
The Star Magazine, Washington, DC news article on Bethel that appeared in their Sunday edition in November 1965.

Raise the Roof II
From The Winchester Star dated 21 8mo 2015.

Archaic Roads in Clarke County
An Historical Tour with Matthew Mackay-Smith

Presented at the 24 August 2008 Annual Meeting and Traditional Service
In PDF Format

Bethel Deeded to Trustees
Dated 29 Aug 1941.
Offsite link at Google News Archives. Use your 'back' button to return to this page.

Articles about Bethel from The Winchester Star

Here are some articles from The Winchester Star's website. Please use your back button to return to this page. The links below do not work at the present time. I will try to find the archived copies of these and copy them over to this website at a later date.

Holiday Warmth to Heat Chilly Church
December 21, 2002.
(Please note that the references to this building being a former Quaker Meetinghouse are incorrect. The log structure believed to have been used by members of the Society of Friends was replaced by the present brick building by the Baptists. Quakers did not use the present day building as a house of worship during it's history.)

A Brief History Of Old Bethel
December 21, 2002.

Christmas Carols At Clarke Churches
December 19, 2003.

Church Advocates Line Up Repairs
June 19, 2004.
(This article also refers to the building as being a "former Quaker Meeting House" which is incorrect. Please refer to the comment on the link above.)

‘Carols and Lessons’ Replicates 1850s Service
December 16, 2004.

2005 Historic Preservation Awards
Clarke Times-Courier
June 1, 2005.

Groups Honored for Historical Preservation Efforts
May 31, 2005.

Author Will Speak at Historic Church
August 25, 2005.

Author Shares Valley’s History
August 29, 2005.
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