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Inside the Sanctuary

View of the sanctuary looking toward the pulpit.
In this photo you can see the kerosene lamps that are used to light the church building. We use these during our annual Christmas Carols and Lessons. The first four columns also have lamps on them but they are difficult to see in this picture. The pulpit is on a raised platform. On each side of the pulpit are two enclosed vestibules. You can also see some of the original design styles that were used when the church was originally built in the form of lines tracing out the vestibule wall corners and following up the wall behind the pulpit.

View of the sanctuary from the pulpit.
This is how the minister would look out towards the congregation. You can see the division between the pews which divide the men's section on the right and the women's on the left. This division used to extend toward the back wall but the back end where one of the Franklin stoves once stood was cut away. Originally people couldn't cross from one side of the sanctuary to the other without exiting the building first.

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