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The burial grounds

Picture of the burial grounds.
This picture is taken looking directly away from the church building toward Route 50. Some of the trees located on the Bethel grounds are over 100 years old.

Graves of Fielding L. & Sallie Sowers.

Grave of Betsey M. Brownley.
These graves of Fielding L. Sowers, his wife Sallie (Brownley) Sowers and her mother Betsey (Mitchell) Brownley were originally buried in the Brownley cemetery located near White Post, Va. but were removed to the Bethel burying grounds next to one of the walled Sowers/Kerfoot plots by Beverly Brownley McKay at the request of his mother, Ella Lee (Heflybower) McKay.

First walled Sowers/Kerfoot family plot.

Second walled Sowers/Kerfoot family plot.
These two plots contain some of the descendants of Jacob Sowers & William Kerfoot who were buried at Bethel. Some of these are children who I believe died as a result of typhoid fever.

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