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The Meetinghouse Building

View of the church building from entrance to the sanctuary.
Bethel has two main sanctuary entrance doors which go back to the time when men worshipped on the left side facing the pulpit and the women on the right. The two entrances lead into short halls which both end at doors leading into the sanctuary. The hall on the right side of the building has a closet to the left and the hall on the left side of the building has on it's left a stairwell leading to the gallery and one of the gallery doors beyond the stairwell. These are discussed more in the next photo.

View of the church building from the right corner.
In addition to the two main sanctuary entrance doors, Bethel also has two doors on each side of the building which are followed by stairwells that lead up to the gallery where the servants worshipped. The gallery door pictured here does not connect with the sanctuary. The one on the other side does connect with the santuary as mentioned in the previous photo. This was done so that the men can enter the gallery and interact with the servants if needed.

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